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Domino QQ is an online game and there are some basic rules that a person needs to understand if they want to play this game and have fun doing so.

The tiles used in the game should be shuffled and they should be placed face down on a table or another flat area used for play. The game can be played by two to four players. Each player will select 7 tiles from the ones that are face down. The tiles should not be shown to the opponent.

The player with the highest pair of double in their hand will go first. They will lay down a tile. The player to their left will then place a matching tile to the one that has been laid down face up. If they do not have a piece in their hand that can be played, they need to pick up the face-down tiles until they find something they can use. Once these tiles run out if a person does not have anything to use then need to pass their turn to the next player. The person that runs out of the Domino QQ first is the winner.

Players can then move on to the next round. If a player has dominos left in their hand this is going to count against them so during the gameplay they need to get rid of as many of these tiles as they can. They should also get rid of the ones with the highest number first so they can have a lower score.

This game is a fun take on the classic domino game. Domino QQ follows the same basic rules and it can also be played online. A person has to get rid of as many tiles as possible in order to win the game. For more ideas contact bandarqq.

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